Our Story

Sanjeev Sethi

Executive Chef

Chef Sanjeev Sethi is the Owner and Executive Chef of The Host Fine Indian Cuisine in Toronto, Canada.

He immigrated to the country of Canada in 1989 where he started, like many entrepreneurs do, with a vision and no more than a little pocket change to his name. His professional restaurant experience began as a server at Sangam Restaurant, the premier Indian restaurant in Toronto at the time. It was here that he learned the skills of a professional kitchen but had made it a point to keep the lessons that his mother had taught him about food in his mind all along.

Jay Sethi

General Manager

In 1995, Sanjeev and his brother Jay Sethi opened their first location in the heart of Downtown Toronto. The location had replaced the renowned La Scala Restaurant, which was an extremely influential Institution in the city from 1960-1990.

The controversial move led to reviews that stated that “The Host is a more ambitious venture than any other Indian restaurant”

After this, the rest was history

In this time, the two have received countless accolades from prestigious institutions such as Zagat, The Toronto Star, American Express & Trip Advisor just to name a few. The Host Indian Cuisine is now 4 locations strong and has led the industry in Indian Cuisine when it comes to quality and consistency.

Ashish Sethi

Finance & Business

The newest addition to the family is Sanjeev’s son, Ashish Sethi. With a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Ashish brings a breath of fresh air to the group, with the french discipline that he learned from working for Chef Daniel Boulud in New York City.

Ashish aided in the development of 259 Host, our newest projected. And will be leading all future developments for The Host Hospitality Group

Kuldeep Singh Chadha

Founder & Inventor of Sigma Rubber in India, has been well established in the automotive industry for more than 45 years. With the help of his son, Sukhdeep Singh Chadha, Kuldeep Chadha’s time in the industry has achieved immense success and recognition with both competitors and clients. Both father and son believe in a strong philosophy; learning never ends, and because of this they have always outpaced their competition by incorporating new technologies early and effectively.

Sukhdeep Singh Chadha

Managing Director

Sukhdeep Chadha followed in his father’s footsteps when he founded BETA; an internationally spanning company with multiple industries.


After BETA established a firm presence in the automotive industry Sukhdeep Chadha looked at diversifying his business portfolio into other industries. They strategically chose the hospitality industry and now they currently own and operate 4 luxurious wedding studios in New Delhi, India.

GRANDREAMS – Sapphire West Delhi GRANDREAMS – Elegance North Delhi GRANDREAMS – Mayapuri West Delhi GRANDREAMS – Nehru Place South Delhi

Joint Venture With The Host Hospitality Group

Simardeep Chadha

Simardeep Chadha – Has been true to his patrilineal lineage and has already established himself in the hospitality industry. He always brings a fresh ideas and embraces change. Simardeep Chadha’s father saw the potential in his innovative approach and finally expanded to Toronto under the Cantech Group Inc. Toronto has been the game changer after their joint partnership with The Host Hospitality Group Inc. Both these companies have launched several fine dining and niche restaurants that Torontonians have embraced. As their team continues to expand so has their vision. Simardeep Chadha has his eyes on a global expansion with the aim to reach as many food lovers as possible.

The restaurants are listed below:

Firangi By Host – Est 2016 Mantra By Host – Launching Q1 2018 Carnival By Host – Launching Q4 2018